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Today is the last day of Pride month, and I’m just finally getting around to saying what I’ve been wanting to say. It’s probably fitting that I’m late to the party — I have a bit of a fraught relationship with pride. As a common noun, I was taught that it was an attribute that good Christians like me should fight against. As a proper noun — that June every year — it was something to be avoided at all costs. In my younger years, the pride of rainbow-flag-waving queer people at Pride struck me as a compound horror: not…

Sometime in December, I started watching English Premier League football.

Big deal, you may be thinking, you and half the world! This is the Premier League era, after all. (Or so I’ve been told.)

But it is, actually, a big deal for me. I’ve always had a fractious relationship with sports. Growing up in Canada, I played hockey, naturally, and I was all-around terrible at it until my parents sent me to power-skating lessons. After those lessons, I was like a bullet on the ice, graceful as can be, skating circles around my opponents. …

Sam Boden

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